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Boca Java Gives Back

Do you drink coffee? ...then why not drink coffee that helps to make a difference with every cup you enjoy everyday!

At Boca Java, we are not only committed to providing you with the best-tasting, freshest gourmet coffee available, we are also committed to doing our part in our community and beyond.

Globally, along with our generous and devoted customers, we have donated more than 7.6 millions of cups of our specialty coffee to U.S. troops through our Operation 10 Million Cup program, and have become an official partner with the USO. The appreciation and feedback we get from our soldiers is overwhelming and heartfelt, and we will continue to support the brave men and women who risk their lives every day for the rest of us back home.

Nationally, we partner with various charities, to raise funds and awareness through our Coffee For a Cause programs. Through this program, customers can buy fresh roasted charity coffees and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each bag goes directly back to the charities. Through our exclusive partnerships and dedication to our family-based company's philanthropic goals, Boca Java is proud to offer our Project C.U.R.E. World Blend Coffee.

Locally, we are proud to provide support to several of our other community charities through the donation of time, education, coffee, meals and luxury gift baskets for silent auctions and a host of other fundraising efforts.

Get involved today and help make the world a better place with every cup of delicious, fresh roasted Coffee For A Cause Coffee!

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Additionally, Boca Java is passionate about fair farmer practices that promote equitable and sustainable trade relationships for the farmer, while producing the highest quality green coffees available to us. We personally cup and hand-select all our specialty grade coffees.

Over the last decade, Boca Java has traveled the world visiting the coffee growing regions to personally meet individual regional and estate farmers, and cooperatives, to create direct relationships based on fair prices and fair practices. In turn, these farmers can provide fair wages, healthcare, education, food, clean water and shelter for their families and workers. This type of care also extends to the land and its surroundings, allowing the farmer to plant, grow, harvest, and package, while taking care of their farm and the environment. As you may have guessed, creating direct trade relationships with small farmers takes a considerable amount of time and cost, and although Boca Java pays a premium for going the extra step, we believe it is simply the right thing to do.